2011 Ballhawking goals

These are my 2011 ballhawking goals. They won’t be too hard to achieve because this is my first year of ballhawking and I didn’t want to set them really high.

Goal #- Attend at least 10 games

This might be a little tough considering I’m only 14 and my mom has to drive me to games but I think I could probably do it.

Goal #2- Snag at least 50 balls

I’ve already snagged 12 in 4 games so I think I could probably do this as well.

Goal #3- Get at least 5 autographs

I would have set this goal higher but it’s not my top priority.

Goal#4- Catch at least 1 fould ball

It doesn’t have to be on the fly but it has to reach the seats on its own.

Goal#5- Snag at least 5 third out balls

About as easy as it gets.

Well those are my 2011 ballhawking goals. Tell me what you think about them in the comments, I’ll probably add at least 10 for 2012.

5-30-2011, Reds vs Brewers

     My fourth game of the year started off by arriving at the left field gate at 5:00, about a 40 minutes before the gates actually open. After the gates (finally) opened I ran down to the left field foul seats to look for easter eggs, it paid off because I found two. The first was just a regular Mlb ball but the second was an Angels 50th anniversary ball OMG!!! I’d been hearing about these balls all year but I NEVER expected to actually snag one. I am still in shock. After that I didn’t get any other balls till the end of Bp when the brewers came off the field when the equipment manager tossed me a ball for my third off the day.

After that batting practice ended I headed over to the reds bullpen because Travis Wood and Ryan Hanigan were warming up. I didn’t get a ball from them but for some reason Mike Stefanski came out with a bunch of ball and started tossing them into the crowd and as a result I got my fourth ball of the day.

I spent the rest of the game running back and forth between the reds and the brewers dugout to try to get a third out ball and in the 7th inning I got Prince fielder to toss me my fifth of the game and my first game ball. After that I waited untill the ninth for the umpires to exit the field and I got home-plate ump Jeff kellogg to toss me my 6th and final ball of the game to set my new record high for balls in a game.


~ Reds 7, Me 6, Brewers 3

~ 12 lifetime balls

~ 6 balls at this game

Also sorry for the lack of photos I forgot to charge my camera for this game.

A little about myself and next game

Hey guys my name is Craig kovach I’m 13 years old and I’m from Middletown,Ohio. I am a junior ballhawk and I live about 45 minutes from Great American Ballpark.

I also live about 35 minutes away from the reds single-a affiliate Dayton Dragons. I go to about 10 Reds games a year and usually snag about 50 baseballs. This will be the first year of blogging the games that I go to and I’ve already been to three and snagged 6 altogether. The next game that I plan on going to is the May 30th game vs the Milwaukee Brewers considering the weather is nice. I will be going to plenty more games so stay tuned 😉 Ohh and here’s the link to my MyGameBalls account